Operations & Maintenance Consultancy

We are experienced in Programme and Project Management to guide your teams through important change initiatives.  Our experience has be called upon to help define scope, analyse gaps, develop plans to improve and to develop solutions that span the whole life-cycle of Operations and Maintenance including mobilisation, transition and decommissioning.

We have developed a straightforward approach to Programme and Project Management which firmly places the stakeholders at the heart of the project with actions based on well defined Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies.

We have a winning track record in bid management where we aim to develop innovative, compliant solutions that emphasise the win themes and, most importantly are deliverable during the mobilisation and transitioning phase.

We really do specialise in complex multi stakeholder projects and are often described as 'the glue that binds a project together'. 

Recruitment & Interim Management

We are experienced in assisting you recruit and select the right people for your organisation.  We understand your requirements in a way that few other recruitment and selection specialists do.  We have an extensive network of talent across the globe that is able to meet your needs.

We are also able to fill roles in your organsiation on an interim basis while your search for permanent staff is ongoing.  In our experience this has been a positive benefit to the client, as we are able to assist in the transition of the new hire to ensure they reach effectiveness in a shortened timescale.


One of our key areas to support your business is with the development of your people.  We have a range of training courses and modules that utilise our experience of solving problems and getting the best out of people within operations and maintenance.

Our training requires a high degree of learner participation through the use of adult centred training techniques aimed at creating the best environment to learn.

Our training is available as both open programmes and as company specific, tailored programmes.  All of which can be delivered as a group training event at a training location or using our carbon friendly, cost effective approach to online trainer led delivery methods.

Our training is fun and is memorable.  We are proud to say that we have trained over 500 Managers globally in investigation techniques that get to the root cause of the event.

We are very happy to discuss with you the full range of training that we offer.